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Note  59  Morwen       (06/13/12 23:23)  Bree v2

Citizens of Arda,
A major overhaul project has finally been completed, and Valinor is 
pleased to announce that we're preparing to release the new and 
improved town of Bree. Per 'dev list', this project has been a long 
time in the making, and while the developers have spent countless 
hours tediously sifting through descriptions and code that dates back
more than ten years, we are excited for you to see the outcome of 
our labor.
With the beginning of next reboot, the old Bree will be replaced 
with the new version, and while every effort has been made to maintain
the existing infrastructure, you will notice some minor alterations 
mostly off the beaten track. Some of it may require you to update 
your aliases, so please be forewarned.
Moving forward, it was important for us to bring this old and central
area up to our current quality standards in an effort to improve upon
and create a more user-friendly environment for our younger and newer
players. At the same time, our older and more experienced players we 
hope will appreciate the town being made more true to our theme, 
more descriptive and more interactive. There is bound to be something
for everyone to enjoy.
Many thanks go out to the developers who've participated in this 
project, and should you find you really like the improvements, you
are more than welcome to let us know via a commend report.

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