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Following is the list of players currently logged onto The Two Towers. You can click on any player's name to view their legend information.

Daeril the hobbit Weasel (Impartial)(free)
Azmodan the silvan Novice (Moral)(free)
Aadi the silvan Bushwhacker (Moral)(free)
Selivard the silvan Master Archer (Moral)(free)
Eaoden Tasartir the dunedain Forest Warden (Angelic)(free)
Azrim StonePipe the dwarf True Shot (Heroic)(free)
Miskael HammerFist the dwarf Sunken Stone (Just keep sinking)(free)
Arker HammerFist the dwarf Rebel Wizard of Rhun (Lightning!!)(free)
Fawx the dunedain Stoner (Blazed)(free)
Glarnos the sindar Ember (Glowing)(free)
Draeger the silvan Phoenix of the West (ablaze)(free)
Karast Agân the easterling Immolated (Staff of Rhun)(evil)
Ghashul Aspfang the variag Skirmisher(evil)
Eobal the eorling rides with a wolf by his side.(free)
Guilt the dunlending Implacable(free)
Barabas the easterling Huntmaster(evil)
Cori HammerFist the dwarf Flamethrower (Scorching)(free)
Thornin HammerFist the dwarf burning Warrior of Rhum (rebel)(free)
Lari HammerFist the dwarf Storm of the Mine (Demonic)(free)
Melo HammerFist the dwarf Light of the Mine (Demonic)(free)
Bakun HammerFist the dwarf Smith(free)
Fieron Goldbeard the dwarf miner(free)
Latty Longbeard, the dwarf Grey Wolf of Calenhad (for hire)(free)
Borgozh the uruk-hai Shadow (Demonic)(evil)
Esteban Fiago, the dunedain Fist of Eru (Shadow-bane)(free)
Neth the uruk-hai Pestilence (enshrouded in shadows)(evil)
Telvorn the silvan Moon Knight (Hand of Eru)(free)
Bror the easterling (evil)
Naaman the uruk-hai , Uai(evil)
Blade the silvan watches as __________ avoids his fireball!(guildmaster)
Ithildras the silvan icicle of Gil-galad(guildmaster)
Montog Smash the uruk-hai Beast of the East(guildmaster)
Vingilote, flying high, so high(Overlord)
Total users:33
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