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Following is the list of players currently logged onto The Two Towers. You can click on any player's name to view their legend information.

Ruslan the silvan Spellcaster (Moral)(free)
Aleksandr the dunedain Master Thief (Angelic)(free)
Eaoden Tasartir the dunedain Forest Warden (Angelic)(free)
Lameki the dwarf does not get tossed(free)
Glen Duannethon, the dunedain Ranger of Dol Amroth ..(free)
Fingondor Ciryamo the silvan (free)
Erlend Arastor the dunedain Medic of Dol Amroth(free)
Teleporno the silvan Caran Nar-Cu (Ar-Maethor)(free)
Leecher the uruk-hai cloaked in Darkness (Hellspawn)(evil)
Angril Earenlo the dunedain Sunset Warrior (Hand of Imrahil)(free)
Dringol the silvan Jewelsmith(free)
Lucky the dwarf Death-Magnet(free)
Welsh Aerpeng the dunedain Regent of Dol Amroth(guildmaster)
Varkhor the uruk-hai Abomination(guildmaster)
Asgrim Blacklock the dunedain King under the Mountain(guildmaster)
Total users:16
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