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Following is the list of players currently logged onto The Two Towers. You can click on any player's name to view their legend information.

Hoir the dwarf Orc-target (Impartial)(free)
Swagasik the dwarf Vagrant (Impartial)(free)
Gorik Stormbrew the dwarf Fighter (Moral)(free)
Oren Firebeard the dwarf Veteran (Angelic)(free)
Hrolkug the uruk-hai Fell Knight(evil)
Jumper the hobbit Master Thief (Hand of Eru)(free)
Raleigh the dwarf Archmage (Angelic)(free)
Zahgorim the uruk-hai Dread Rider(evil)
Nyssa Nuruhuinë the dunedain Black Pearl (Nyssalicious)(evil)
Guilt the dunlending Implacable(free)
Zelindo Tylluan the dunedain Multi-Hued Hero(free)
Argazi the sindar Pikachu-V!(free)
Ujluhk Doombringer the uruk-hai Librarian of Dol Guldur(evil)
Jibe the dunedain Duke of Framsburg (Hand of Smithing)(free)
Hannibal Vulpe the silvan Dumbo(free)
Ingemar Aldarion the dunedain Captain of Gondor (Emyn Arnen)(free)
Still the hobbit Bard(free)
Darmot the dunlending Philanthropist (Hand of Amarthatar)(free)
Relez the dunedain Warrior of the Fellowship(free)
Mog the dwarf Flaming Moogle(free)
Falyn the dunlending Bulwark of Dunland (Demonic)(free)
Nalthic Naakhûrz the dwarf Fist of Mahal (Azanulbizar)(free)
Sirus the sindar Cinder(free)
Lunner the dunlending Warlord (Demonic)(free)
Ahri the dunedain Spankmaster (Angelic)(free)
Sprotticus the Wild, the dunlending Dark Kahuna of Dunland(free)
Minuial the silvan Lives in the Stars(guildmistress)
Ungorane the dunedain Renegade(guildmaster)
Adunazon the dunedain Legion of Souls(guildmaster)
Auri the dunedain Whackmaster (Demonic)(guildmaster)
Total users:31
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