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Following is the list of players currently logged onto The Two Towers. You can click on any player's name to view their legend information.

Selardor the silvan Wanderer (Moral)(free)
Jasyn Urvrog the eorling Soldier (Heroic)(free)
Jintharz the variag Follower(evil)
Gobbo the hobbit Master Archer (Demonic)(free)
Wildabeast StoneAxe the dwarf Warlord (Villainous)(free)
Fallon the sindar Warmage of Carrock(free)
Andreth Thoronath the dunedain Footman of Dol Amroth(free)
Dolur Genural the dunedain Swerve Machine(free)
Auri the dunedain Archmage (Demonic)(free)
Zumah the dunlending Is drinking (Bud Light)(guildmaster)
Falgor the numenorean (guildmaster)
Total users:11
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