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Note  53  Vildoran     (08/15/18 15:35)  Power of Production

Hi Arda,
I've taken on the role of 'Power of Production' here at T2T.
If you're unfamiliar, this role is focused on determining the
direction of the game and creation of new content.  I've been
playing here on-and-off for about twenty years now, and I
think there are quite a few areas where we can make improvements:
    1) A lot of gold, but not much to do with it
    2) Equipment glut at the upper end of what we allow
    3) A general lack of 'end-game' content
    4) High-levels (21-25) that haven't really been completed
I have some ideas on new content that can help make progress in
these areas.  As you may have noticed, there's a fairly new entry
in the dev list.  Historically, a large part of our 'end-game'
has been PVP.  With PVP flags, that has mostly evaporated and
the new battleground will hopefully help give us an area where
players can face off against each other (albeit without real
consequences to their character).
Our resources for development aren't what they once were, so
we need to be realistic on what we can achieve.  My plan is to
finish (or mostly finish) this project before moving on to new
content geared specifically at high-levels.  This will also
mean re-defining where we place the upper 'bounds' on equipment,
quest difficulty, etc. and it is an ongoing conversation in
First and foremost, I'd like to be open about what we're working
on and where we're considering taking the game.  If you'd like
to help, consider signing up to be a playtester.  Or if you're
interested in helping develop some of this content - 'help
immorting'.  Regardless, I want to hear your opinions on things.
Are there features you miss?  Do you wish we had ?  Feel
free to send me a tell or mail (but no, I'm not going to remove
flags, sorry :p).
Expect more updates in the near future!

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