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I am a MUDder. I am modern and computer-savvy. I am a person of imagination, vision, and intelligence, and I enjoy text-based gaming. I enjoy it because it gives me the freedom to create the vision of my game experience as I see fit. I enjoy it because it is like a graphical novel in which I am continually re-immersed; a living work of art that need never end, as printed books must end. I enjoy the breadth and depth of expression that communicating and gaming with words allows.

I am a MUDder, and I am not ashamed. While I enjoy and play graphical games, I champion text-based games as a viable, lasting alternative. I do not accept that all text-based gaming must suffer inevitable slow death at the hands of graphical games. I reject the proposition that text-based gaming is somehow lesser, or primitive, or antiquated.

I am a MUDder, and I am proud of the entertainment I find in text-based games. I will continue to play them as viable alternatives to graphical games, and will respect the differences between the two genres.

I am a MUDder, and I am here to stay.


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