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Note  56  Ghorin       (04/23/11 16:00)  Light and Dark rebalance

Hey all,
    We have rebalanced dark and light spells for both wizards and
necromancers.  The changes are as follows:
 * FR (light, dark) and ER (flames, cloak) spells will now have the same
   "statistics", in regards to cast duration, spell duration, EP cost,
   and the light/dark "power".
 * With this, cast duration has been increased for FR spells and
   for ER ones.
 * EP cost will now be higher; also, dark will cost more than light.
 * The duration of the spells will now depend on the caster's skill.  
   The maximum possible duration will be slightly lower than the old one.
 * All these spells will require you to have a staff in your hands
   while they are in progress, which so far was only the case with the 
   FR light spell.  If you drop/give/put away your staff, the spell will

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