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Note  58  Mathias      (06/10/11 22:28)  Guild Mission Live Testing!

Hello Ardans!
For those of you in Guilds, there is some exciting news! (For those of
you not in Guilds, join one today!)
Guild Missions are now in live testing. Your GM will be creating missions
for you to run during this time which, upon being approved, may be made
active and then you can participate in the mission immediately!
During this time, a credit value will be assigned to each piece of the
mission that you complete; the rewards system is still being designed but
rest assured that it is coming very, very soon. At this time we would ask
that you run the missions that your GM creates and let us know if there
are any problems with the system; this would also be a good time to give
your GM feedback about your missions!
Thank you, and for more information see 'help guild missions' and 'help

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