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Note  60  Mathias      (06/27/11 20:39)  Results of PvP Poll!

Hello Ardans,
Here are the latest PvP flag poll results:
Total votes: 504
  Q: It's been some time since we implemented the PvP flag. What do you
think about it?
  A1: It is great the way it has been implemented.  (Votes: 180 / 35.7%)
  A2: It is awful and should be removed.  (Votes: 163 / 32.3%)
  A3: I would change the implementation in some way (I will comment on
survey 29 exactly how I would change it).  (Votes: 82 / 16.3%)
  A4: Abstain  (Votes: 79 / 15.7%)
If you voted for 3 and haven't yet commented on survey 29, please do so.
you voted for one of the other options but want to comment, please do
that too!
Some of you have been commenting on the forum thread 
( and that works too.
As a note, this poll was simply designed to gather opinion about how you
felt about the PvP flag. It seems that many of you like our flag, many of
don't like our flag (or any flag), and some of you don't like our flag
but would
like something similar.
Your feedback is duly noted and helpful. We may not make any changes in
immediate future, but if and when we do we shall take your feedback into
Thank you,

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