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Note  50  Mathias      (07/06/11 16:01)  Results of Guild Merciful Poll!

Hello Ardans,
Here are the latest Guild Merciful poll results:
Q: Valinor is considering adding a new level of PvP to the Guild-vs-Guild
alliance system: Merciful, which would allow a guild to attack another
(regardless of PvP status) but not kill them (regardless of PvP status).
(Note: Valinor is considering other ideas as well so please do not
consider this idea as "guild merciful or no change") Which implementation
would you prefer?
  A1: One-sided: If Guild1 sets Guild2 to merciful, either guild may
attack each other's members (but never kill them).  (Votes: 171 (33.3%))
  A2: Mutual: Both guilds must set each other to merciful in order to
attack each other.  (Votes: 172 (33.5%))
  A3: Don't implement any sort of merciful option in the alliance system.
(Votes: 72 (14.0%))
  A4: Abstain  (Votes: 98 (19.1%))
Total votes: 513
Your feedback is noted, thank you!

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