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Note  53  Morwen       (09/04/11 13:05)  Donations

Thank you all for all the positive responses and offers of support we
have received so far since the last news was posted. It is encouraging 
to see our Community at T2T is well and alive and willing to come 
together when there is need for it. We hope to continue to see more of
it in the coming weeks.
To give you a brief update about donations - our funds are being 
monitored and so far several individuals have given generously. While 
we cannot offer you any benefits or advantages in-game for your support, 
we would like to show our appreciation by adding the names of our 
benefactors permanently to the game and update the list of players who 
have donated to us previous during our last fund drive. This list can 
currently be found in the Hall of Honour inside the Prancing Pony Inn 
in Bree. To be included in this list, please be certain to mention the 
name of your character when you submit your donations, or if you wish 
to be kept anonymous, you should make mention of that as well.
We will continue to keep track of donations and collect names until the 
end of November, at which point the list will be updated and we will 
announce the results of our impromptu fund drive.
Thank you all again, especially those who have already contributed, and 
if there are any questions or anyone else is still considering immorting,

please don't hesitate to send me a mail or contact one of us Admin 

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