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Note  54  Ghorin       (10/10/11 14:47)  Newbiehelper system changes

Hey all,
    We have just introduced some changes to our newbiehelper system, in 
order to make it easier to use for both newbies and current and future
newbiehelpers.  The changes are as follows:
 * The helper rooms in Bree and Khemnar have been removed.
 * In their place, a new command has been added: 'newbiehelper'.
   This command has the same functionality as the helper rooms used
   to have, which means you can use it to apply to become a helper,
   view the current helper list or resign from being a helper if you
   are one.  See 'help newbiehelper' for details.
 * For existing helpers, the command to control the helper comm has
   been changed from 'newbiehelper' (which is now 'taken' by the new
   command) to 'helpercomm'.
 * The helper board, which used to be accessible to the general public
   in the helper rooms, will now be restricted to just helpers through
   the 'hnews' command.
    ...and while on topic of helpers, we still need more people to fill
in the helper ranks.  It happens all too often that a new player says
'hello' to an empty newbiecomm!  So, if you are interested in helping
those new to the game (yes, there are still some people trying the MUD
out every day), do not hesitate and 'newbiehelper apply'!

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