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Note  55  Ghorin       (10/18/11 14:21)  More hint system changes

Hey all,
We have implemented significant changes to the MUD hint system.   
These changes include:
 - More context-sensitive hints.  More rooms and objects will now have
   their specific hints (in addition to what was introduced in the
   last change).
 - Local hints that will describe interesting places in the town
   you are currently in.
 - Quest hints that will either guide you towards the nearest quest,
   or prod you towards the next step of the quest you are currently
   doing.  This applies to most quests in the starter towns of West
   Arda and Far Harad.
 - General hints that will suggest you things to do based on your
   character's current status: that you need to heal because of low
   HP, that you have enough experience to level, etc.
 - Easy-to-use interface with the 'hint' command, which will cycle
   through all hints available at the moment.
See 'help hints' and 'help hint' for more details.

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