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Note  56  Ghorin       (12/17/11 12:08)  PvP merciful

Hey all,
At this reboot we have installed a change to the PvP flag system - 
PvP merciful.  Instead of having two states as before (on and off), the
PvP flag will now have three states: on, off and merciful.  The third
state, set with 'pvp merciful' command, is sort of a middle ground 
between on and off: you can fight other players at will, but cannot 
die and cannot kill.  Instead, you can lose your equipment and gold 
as if the killer used the merciful option.  See 'help pvp flag' for 
more details on how the system works.
With the PvP merciful change we have also slightly altered how merciful
'killing' works: 'mercifuled' players will now be unconscious for longer,
and will drop more items for the killer to loot.  See 'help merciful'
for details.
Lastly, a small change was introduced to banks: you will no longer
be able to fight in a guarded bank and enter a bank while fighting, 
the same way as it is now in courthouses.  This is to ensure a fair 
ground for merciful kills; 'steal' command may be essential to players
who win a 'merciful' fight, and it is blocked/limited in a guarded bank.

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