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Note  58  Morwen       (03/07/12 23:58)  The 14th Two Towers Event!

Yep, it's that time of the year again. Same precedure as every year
for that matter. This will be the 14th(!) year marking the anniversary
of Minas Tirith's release, and like tradition demands, we shall celebrate

it like only us Ardans do, with a frothy mug of ale or whichever
or culinary delicacy happens to suits your fancy.
Based on popular demand and the success we've had with the extended 
duration last year, we will once again allow The Event(tm) to run for 
the whole uptime starting next Thursday, March 15th at midnight 11:59 PM
mudtime. It will conclude with your standard reboot ~4days hence.
There will be plenty of entertainment, so don't forget to tell everybody!
P.S. Those who wish to submit entries for the post-event reboot messages,
     feel free to mail me in advance.

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