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Note  52  Aule         (11/22/12 22:19)  Coming soon: T2T is moving!

Greetings to all,

Several weeks ago, we were notified that our ISP, which is
in New York City, had sustained damage due to Hurricane
Sandy.  Because of the nature of the damage, our ISP has
decided to shut down.  We were given 30 days to transition
to a new home.

Our search is complete, and we have found a new home and
are busily transferring the mud services and recompiling
them to work on the new operating system.

Sometime in the next week, the mud on this machine will
stop accepting logins and direct you to the new IP address.
It will take a bit for the DNS name "" to be
redirected to the new IP address, but during that time
you will be able to play by connecting to the new host
by its IP address.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this

Aule, Lord of Arda

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