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Note  54  Ghorin       (11/28/12 23:21)  SSL configuration changes

Hey all,
During the move to the new server, we have slightly altered our SSL 
connection configuration.  From now on, if you want to connect through
SSL you have to use port 444, not 443 as before - that one was taken
by the https:// connection that our website now supports.  Furthermore,
with the new server comes new SSL certificate: see 'help ssl certificate'
for the new version.
Windows users who used our T2Ttunnel application can now download an
updated version at: (full installer)
or (zipfile for manual installation)
The new installer contains a new version of stunnel program, so it is
recommended that before installing the new version you uninstall the 
old one.
If you didn't use SSL yet, but want to do so now, check 'help ssl' for
detailed setup information for various operating systems.

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