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Note  57  Gimilkhad    (02/12/19 02:29)  PvP Login Timer

As the result of survey 33, a login timer will be implemented 
after the next reboot that will affect all PvP-related activity. 
With exception to the first 3 hours of each reboot, until a player 
has been online for at least 10 minutes the following restrictions 
will apply: 
* You will not be able to attack other players. This includes
all abilities that would initiate combat.  You may still spar 
with others as normal and fight back in self defense if attacked. 
If you are attacked during this time, you will not be restricted 
from targeting your assailants. 
* You will not be able to steal from other players. 
* You will not be able to hunt other players. 
* You will not be able to counter another player's spells. 
* You will not be able to run finds on or sense the location of 
other players, except for the following cases: the target is a 
mutual friend, guildmate, clanmate, or a member of your party, 
or if you are a newbie helper and your target is under level 10. 
Note: Anyone may target a Wanted player at any time.  This timer 
does apply to lawsys-free areas such as Mordor and Minas Morgul. 
At the next reboot the help files for the mentioned commands will 
be updated with more specific details.  If you have any questions, 
please feel free to ask.  If you encounter any bugs, please report 
them using the bug command.

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