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Note  59  Vildoran     (08/16/19 15:05)  Mirkwood Battleground Beta

Hello Arda!
As the Mirkwood Battleground gets nearer completion, we are starting a
live beta test that will be open to everyone. The main goals for this are
to uncover bugs in the area and to fine-tune the overall balance for the
At least initially, this will be Ainur-run and ad-hoc depending on the
number of players around and interested. Please feel free to bug any of
the visible Ainur and they may be able to start a match.
Outside equipment is not allowed and all will be provided inside the
The lawsys is not enabled here, and it's designed such that players
not die. I will warn that this is a beta test and so we cannot guarantee
that there won't be a weird bug or something, but there have been no
issues thus far during playtesting.
Hope to see you there!

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