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Note  50  Vingilote    (10/31/19 16:43)  Second Annual Harvest Festival

*lightning splits the sky above*
*thunder rolls through the night*
*in the distance, a sheep baaaas*
The Harvest Festival is now live!
As the weather changes and leaves begin to fall,
we invite everyone to join in the festivities of
the Second Annual Harvest Festival.
The fall fest can be accessed via a jaunty wagon
ride from the Edoras signpost. The event will be
open through the month of November.
Though smaller than The Event, this fall fest is
sure to delight, from autumn foods to pumpkins, 
skeletons, corn mazes, and the return of the crypt!
We aim to build upon the foundation laid last year
to continue to make this event a success.
Hedge your bets, throw some shade, maybe throw a 
few pumpkins..., and ring in the fall. Who knows 
what autoloa.... I mean, delight awaits you.

                            /       \  
                            |  RIP  | 
                            |       | 
                            |       |                  
                            |       |
                            |       |
We hope to see you here!

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