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Note  55  Smaug        (03/28/21 19:30)  The new $I prompt setting

People of Arda!
We have extended the prompt's $I setting to include more information for
you. If any of the following apply to your character, and you have $I
set in your prompt, you will see a short reminder about it appear in
brackets ().
* resting
* invisible (camouflaged, prowling, hiding, evading)
* riding / leading
* posing
* afk
* disguised
* in a party (showing either you as leader or who the leader is)
* blind
* encumbered (only severely)
* levitating
* eaglesighted/attuned
* cooking/tradeskilling
* using the harass command (help harass)
Oh, and if you get drunk?  You can see your own inebriated face too!
The new prompt will serve as an easy/quick reminder.
'help prompt' will show these as a reminder, as well as how to set your
prompt. If you don't have $I already, you can add it straight away.
Those that logged on before the change was implemented today may need to
quit and log back on to get a new body.

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