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Note  58  Osse         (08/04/21 14:03)  T2T Patreon!

Hello T2T Players and Fans,
This is just a quick and friendly reminder to those of you who don't
know, or have forgotten: we have a PATREON set up so that YOU can help
support T2T and keep it strong for years to come!
Here is the address: https://www.patreon.com/t2tmud
As of this past week, patrons also get special discount codes for our 
pledge drive rewards!
The funds raised through Patreon are used to cover the server hosting
costs per month and related costs.  We also intend to use some of the
excess funds to get a new website design, as well as do some carefully
targeted paid marketing.  We are also looking at further upgrades to
the server to support some of fun new advanced systems Vildoran is 
working on.
So please, consider throwing a little bit per month into the fund, even
$1 per month will help.  There are great things ahead!
Thank you!

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