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Note  60  Vingilote    (08/11/21 17:59)  Semotes Feedback Request

Hey hey Ardans!
In conjunction with other ongoing development projects, at some time 
in the near future I will be reviewing and updating the semotes list 
in an effort to address semote-specific idea and bug reports.
If there are any semotes you would like to see removed, modified, or 
added, please mudmail me your suggestions.  Semotes are a core form 
of communication, and as such, feedback from semote users is valued. 
Not all suggestions may be implemented, but this is an opportunity 
for submitting suggestions during active update consideration.  If 
you submitted a report to Valinor previously regarding a semote, I
recommend that you submit the suggestion(s) to me directly just in 
case your report is missing from the reports I have collected.

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