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Note  50  Osse         (08/15/21 09:34)  Pledge Drive Update

Hey T2T Fans! The pledge drive has been going great, thank you all 
SO MUCH for helping to support T2T. We are at the half-way point of
the campaign, and so far you have collectively helped raise $800 for 
the MUD, and in doing so have claimed nearly 100 great reward items!
TO CELEBRATE THAT, we just added a new batch of rewards to choose 
from! New shirts with design variations, phone cases, wall tapestries, 
a beach towel, tote bag... even a fanny pack. All of these continue 
the classic 2008 design.
See them here: https://t2tmud-merch.creator-spring.com
Keep in mind that this is a limited-time campaign, and that these
rewards will only be available through the end of August!

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