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Note  59  Osse         (09/11/21 13:20)  Newsletter #2 and Podcast #1

The second T2T Newsletter went out earlier today, full of detailed
information about the Pledge Drive, Battleground, Accessibility
changes, marketing efforts and more.  There was also a secret "easter
egg" included, and the five special prizes were quickly claimed by 
speedy readers.
Also today, the first episode of the T2T Podcast went live, featuring
an hour-long conversation between Vildoran and Osse about two of the
most exciting features to enter the game recently: the Crypt and the
Battleground.  Hear the two of them discuss where these projects came
from, and where they might be headed.  The podcast is embedded on
the page at: http://t2tmud.org/live
If you did not receive your copy of the newsletter, get signed up
at http://t2tmud.org/newsletter to make sure you don't miss any ever 
again!  You can also access this edition, and previous newsletters
from a link on that page as well.

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