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Note  55  Osse         (01/12/22 17:33)  Help Multiplaying Update

We have made an important update to 'help multiplaying', section 2e.
PLEASE REVIEW IT, and note that going forward, using alts to engage
in PVP actions against a player with whom one of your chars is hostile, 
and where your alt(s) have no clear reason to be hostile with that 
player, is NOT allowed and will be deemed multiplaying. As stated 
in the revised help file text, PVP attacks/steals in lawless areas 
are exempt from this prohibition.
If you choose to attack a player with an alt outide of lawless areas, 
the onus is on YOU to prove that there is a clear cause for that attack
Which can be verified from lawsys/guild/other system log data. 
We will be actively enforcing this rule, and efforts to toe the
line, find gray areas or quibble over semantics are very highly
This declaration supercedes and replaces any previous help file 
text, law case text/comments, direct statements from any member
of the administration or ainur, and any other suggestions, hints, 
assumptions or interpretations you may have made.
The Admin

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