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Note  56  Osse         (01/12/22 17:57)  Harassment Prevention

We remain committed to preventing cases of clear harassment of one 
player or group of players by another player or group. The full text 
of 'help harassment', and the harassment clause in 'help rules', remain 
in fully effect and will be enforced.
For clarification on some recent points of contention, please note: 
A) PVP actions in lawless areas (Mordor, Crypt, Battleground) will 
not usually be considered as evidence of harassment. All players 
are fair game for standard PVP activity in these areas. Note that 
verbal/emote interactions between players in such areas may still 
be considered as being evidence of ongoing harassment.
B) All players are also reminded that repeated/persistent accusations,
insults or baiting on the comm about specific players or guilds will be
considered harassment, and punished accordingly.
C) Choosing to remain a member of a guild or group that voluntarily
engages in hostilities with another player lessens and potentially
negates claims of harassment from that player, in the context of
non-lawless PVP attacks & stealing. As above, other forms of harassment 
as defined in 'help harassment' may still be considered.
D) We will be more actively enforcing 'help troublemaking' going 
forward. PLEASE READ IT AGAIN RIGHT NOW, consider this a firm verbal
warning, and choose your path accordingly. If you are already under 
investigation for harassment, and you choose to try to push your luck 
with further actions, you will have cause to regret it.
E) When investigating claims of harassment, we can only consider recent,
provable actions that can be verified via system logs. We cannot consider
accusations of activities/wrongdoing from many months or years in the
past. "But we're sure he did this bad thing five years ago" is not an
example of relevant modern evidence.
F) Wasting the time of the admin with vague, unprovable law reports,
whining, excessive mails/tells etc, when decisions don't go the way you
want, will also be considered a form of harassment and punished
accordingly. Law reports should only be made in cases where you have
what you truly believe is clear, incontrovertible evidence of wrongdoing.
Harass logs are still recommended for officially recording evidence of
The Admin

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