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Note  50  Osse         (06/06/22 21:22)  Botting/Alias Length Update

We have updated 'help botting' to better clarify the rules in regards
to long alias chains.  Pay close attention to the revised third
Going forward, no alias/script chain should keep your character from
being able to respond to stimuli/interactivity challenges for longer
than one minute (60 seconds).
We are able to detect these long-chain aliases and if we issue an
interactivity challenge and you are not able to respond for 60 or more
seconds, while your character continues to zoom around doing stuff
(gaining value/benefit), then you will be considered to be botting. 
We expect our players to be actively and interactively playing this
game, paying attention and reacting to the game's output.  Firing off
long aliases while you switch to other windows or turn your chair to
work on your magnum opus oil painting is not what we consider to be
fairly playing the game.
Osse, on behalf of the T2T Admin

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