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Note  52  Osse         (08/23/22 08:26)  Public Channel Propriety

This is a reminder from the admin of our expectations regarding
behavior on this game, particularly on public mudwide forums such 
as the comm, gossiper, auction house, etc.
During times of increased hostility, such as intra-guild conflicts,
it is natural that there would be more verbal sparring.  We try to
be lenient in terms of allowing an appropriate amount of this as
these conflicts play out, while remaining mindful of our rules 
against harassment.
However, due to recent events we feel it necessary to remind all
players in the strongest possible terms that it is not appropriate
to bring matters involving the real-life typists behind the characters
into this verbal sparring.  Comments, criticisms or jokes that
could be interpreted as charged in terms of race, gender, sexual
orientation, physical/mental disabilities and other key RL traits 
are never acceptable. 
We ask that all players, and particularly those that use the comm 
and are potentially engaged in guild hostilities, exercise EXTREME
caution in this regard.  Know that we, the admin, take such things
very seriously, and that official warnings, and if appropriate more
severe punishments, will be enacted.
Do not try to test these limits.
On behalf of the Powers

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