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Note  51  Arwen        (09/30/14 17:53)  Spreekilling and Harassment

Dear all,
In light of a spike of PVP behaviour which might properly be 
categorised under harassment or spreekilling, we have decided to 
clarify the rules for harassment and spreekilling for the 
avoidance of doubt.
Harassment in the context of PVP will constitute being 5 or more
attempts by an individual on a victim's characters within the space 
of 1 real life month.  
Spreekilling will constitute an excess of 3 kills (non-lawless and 
inclusive of merciful "kills") on anyone in  5h of character age. 
For both these offences, we will take into account factors such as 
mutual hostilities (eg: guild wars) in determining guilt.
These changes will take effect from the next reboot onwards. If you 
have any questions regarding the clarification of the rules, kindly 
send me a mail.  Happy playing!

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