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The Date is March 15, 3019 Third Age.

Sauron has brought war to the Free People of Middle-Earth. On the field of the Pelennor, at the gates of the great city of Minas Tirith, the battle of our time is being fought. Lothlorien, Thranduil's Kingdom, Dale and Erebor are also under siege.

Sauron will not stop until all of Middle-Earth is his. Join him, or stand with those who are against him. The choice is yours!

The Two Towers MUD is a free Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game set entirely within Tolkien's world of Middle-Earth, at the time of 'Lord of the Rings'. We have extensively re-created the lands of Middle-Earth in a rich text environment, from Mithlond to Mordor and the lands of Harad beyond. With over 100,000 rooms and always growing, The Two Towers is a richly developed and highly interactive world. There are hundreds of quests, with rewards great and small, for you to discover.

The Two Towers has an active community of players from around the world who come together to play online. Players join together to create guilds, raid enemy lands, and more.

Online continuously since 1994, The Two Towers is one of the longest running Multiplayer games on the internet and is maintained by a staff of hardworking volunteers who love Tolkien and multiplayer gaming.

At The Two Towers, we believe strongly that Text-Based Gaming is a viable alternative in today's online world, and we volunteer uncounted hours of our time to making our particular MUD the best it can be. For more on this, read the MUDder's Manifesto.

March 1st, 2021
Join us March 15-19th for the 23rd annual Event! The MUD will reboot at 11:45PM mudtime on March 14th to kick us off with a bang!

February 3rd, 2021
Due to a technical issue, we will be rebooting the MUD to a previously saved backup. Please refer to the full news post for more information.

October 30th, 2020
Join us Friday, October 30th through the entire month of November at the Harvest Festival! Hop aboard the wagon in Edoras to experience autumnal delights.

August 30th, 2020
We will be rebooting the MUD sometime between 12-2PM mudtime on August 31, 2020 to apply a server patch. There should be little to no downtime during this reboot.

July 28th, 2020
Reminder: Please read 'help multiplaying'; discussion of the alts, /real or imagined/, of Ainur, by anyone, especially the Ainur themselves, is strictly forbidden. T2T is administered by fans, for fans, and as such, abuse of the volunteers in Valinor on the OOC is also not acceptable behavior.

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