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The Date is March 15, 3019 Third Age.

Sauron has brought war to the Free People of Middle-Earth. On the field of the Pelennor, at the gates of the great city of Minas Tirith, the battle of our time is being fought. Lothlorien, Thranduil's Kingdom, Dale and Erebor are also under siege.

Sauron will not stop until all of Middle-Earth is his. Join him, or stand with those who are against him. The choice is yours!

The Two Towers MUD is a free Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game set entirely within Tolkien's world of Middle-Earth, at the time of 'Lord of the Rings'. We have extensively re-created the lands of Middle-Earth in a rich text environment, from Mithlond to Mordor and the lands of Harad beyond. With over 100,000 rooms and always growing, The Two Towers is a richly developed and highly interactive world. There are hundreds of quests, with rewards great and small, for you to discover.

The Two Towers has an active community of players from around the world who come together to play online. Players join together to create guilds, raid enemy lands, and more.

Online continuously since 1994, The Two Towers is one of the longest running Multiplayer games on the internet and is maintained by a staff of hardworking volunteers who love Tolkien and multiplayer gaming.

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T2T News
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September 19th, 2021
The first phase of accessibility improvements for visually impaired players is complete. Click the date link above to view the recap of all of the changes.

September 11st, 2021
The second T2T newsletter went out earlier today, and the first T2T Podcast went live today as well! Please let us know what you think about these publications.

September 4th, 2021
A new accessibility setting has been added to the 'settings' command, which can be toggled on by vison-impaired players who make use of screen reader software.

September 4th, 2021
Vildoran, architect of the new Mirkwood Battleground area, has shared his appreciation to everyone who helped make it a reality.

September 3rd, 2021
The first Battle Under the Trees has concluded, and after fierce fighting the FREE RACE side was victorious! As a reward all free-race players will receive special buffs. Click the link above to see the full news post!

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Recent T2T Updates

Below is a list of the most recent 20 updates made on The Two Towers by our dedicated volunteer coders.

DateUpdaterUpdate Text
09/19/21VildoranBattleground updates: 1. Pipeweed should no longer be stripped. 2. Notifications are now a bit more obvious. 3. Guardians should hopefully no longer attack their own side. 4. The leaders had a nasty bug that got in the way of them using their abilities. This has been fixed, and they will likely now hurt quite a bit more. 5. Fixed a bug that caused the spider to have a bit less HP than intended.
09/19/21OssePlayers with 'accessibility' turned on will now receive a version of the auction list that is more easily understood using a screenreader.
09/18/21OsseThe 'warscape' command now defaults to brief mode for users with accessibility turned on, and also presents its information in a more descriptive way better compatible with screenreaders.
09/17/21OsseA certain treasure room in Michel Delving will now be less deadly for our younger players.
09/17/21LungorthinThe quest involving Thrain's final resting place no longer accidentally kills unwary players who happen to stumble into the area a moment before the mountain collapses.
09/16/21OsseThe help texts for the 'cast' and 'enchant' wizard commands now make it clear that enchanted items are consumed when used for casting (which has always been the case). The functionality of cast and enchant has not changed.
09/15/21OsseThe 'exits' command will now show some information about the room on the other side of each exit, IF you would normally be able to look/glance through it.
09/15/21OsseThe 'score', 'skills' and 'tradeskills' command will now include commas after values for players with the 'accessibility' setting turned on, so that screenreaders will pause appropriately, making the audible version easier to understand.
09/14/21VildoranBattleground updates: 1. More bugfixes 2. Herb respawn decreased a bit (but still higher) 3. Spider spawns at 10m now
09/13/21OsseThere is a new help topic, 'help screenreader' that contains suggestions for playing T2T using a screenreader program. If you have any ideas for additions to this help file, please mail Osse!
09/13/21OssePlayers level 9 and below can now get information about their current location by using 'find me' or 'find <myname>' at a cost of 5 EP.
09/12/21OsseThe Ivy Tavern quest in Hobbiton will no longer be as potentially deadly for our younger adventurers.
09/11/21LungorthinAldin, the sole smith in Bree, wouldn't mind if young adventurers helped him with a minor task... and doing so would likely yield a useful reward. Do check in with Aldin again, once the reward has been obtained, he just might have another trick or two up his sleeve.
09/11/21OsseBrand the shopkeeper in Bree has a task that younger adventurers could help him out with... and it is said he will reward them with their choice from amongst several pieces of useful gear.
09/10/21VildoranBattleground updates: 1) Fixed a bunch of bugs 2) Herb respawn rate increased 3) Spider initial spawn changed to 20m 4) You can now use 'stats' at the signup locations 5) 'Kills' are now broadcasted to all players 6) Each protection point now has a 'guardian' NPC associated with it. When the protection point falls, this NPC will be removed. The intent is to make it significantly harder to rush the leader towards the beginning of the game.
09/07/21OsseThe rune set, rage sword and Pelargir clock have all been updated to output alternate text for players with the "accessibility" setting enabled.
09/05/21VildoranBattleground updates: -the 'map' command will now show where you are on the map. -you can 'info <object>' to get extra information about (some) equipment. -clear notifications should be visible when objectives are under attack.
09/04/21OsseThe new character creation sequence has been updated to prompt vision-impaired players using screenreaders to turn on the new 'accessibility' setting, and the town map signs in all starting towns have been updated to display plain text for those with the setting enabled.
09/04/21OsseThe output of the 'map' command and fireworks spell have been updated to output plain English text for players with the new 'accessibility' setting enabled. The paintings quest in the Grey Havens, and black shield quest in Far Harad have been updated as well.
08/26/21LuthienThe peak of Zirak-zigil has shown strange lights as of late, as something has changed upon the mountain where wizard and balrog fatally clashed. And below, something seems to be stirring, down in the dark... Perhaps your local gossiper might know more about this very important change.
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