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Note  57  Ghorin       (06/18/15 17:24)  Playtesting reactivation

Hey all,
It has been a while since we had an area to playtest, but due to a slight
influx of new Maia recently we have completed a small town in Rhun that
would serve as an ER hub in this predominantly FR area (understood as NE 
Arda as a whole), and which would require playtesting.
The long delay in playtest activity resulted in the playtester list being
very outdated, with most of the people on the list no longer active, and 
some more previously rejected people perhaps still having the ancient 
playtest reject reasons preventing them from reapplying.
We have decided to do a blanket fix on this, ie. to do a complete 
playtest reactivition.  The playtester list has been wiped, as have been
all prior applications and reject reasons - we start anew.
To summarize the effect:
 - If you were an approved playtester, you are no longer one and your
   playtest char was deleted.  If you are active and still would like 
   to help us playtest, please reapply.
 - If you applied to be a playtester and your app was not reviewed
   (there were some like that), the application is now gone.  If you 
   still want to help, reapply as above.
 - If you were previously rejected as a playtester for some reason, 
   that is now cleared and you may apply.
 - If you were not a playtester, but want to help us playtest the new
   area, be sure to use 'playtest apply' :)

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