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Note  59  Gimilkhad    (01/16/16 21:01)  The Two Towers needs your help!

As most of you know, the MUD relies on donations to remain online.
We were recently informed that there are just enough funds in the 
account to see us through March 2016.  If anyone is able, now would 
be the best time to donate to keep the MUD running.
Our paypal account is safe, secure, and easy. Any donation you can 
make, be it small or large, will be appreciated and contribute to
keeping us online into the next year and hopefully well beyond.
We cannot offer any rewards in return for the donations, save for
our continued support.  But donators may include their character's
name to have it added to the list of benefactors located on the
Wall of Honour in Bree.  To be included, please be certain to
mention the name of your character when you submit your donations,
or if you wish to be kept anonymous, you should make mention of
that as well.
If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.  

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