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Note  50  Ghorin       (05/07/16 22:46)  Forage changes

Hey all (and especially rangers),
Following the last change to forage that some of you have considered
too big of a nerf (adding EP cost to herb foraging in Lothlorien),
we have now implemented a number of modifications that should offset
the negative effect while still staying true to the reason behind
the change: foraging actually useful items (herbs) should not be
more cost-effective that foraging useless ones (sticks and the like)
which had an EP cost.
And to the point, here is the list of changes that went live today:
 - You will now be able to find more that one herb within a single
   forage attempt.
 - Herbs size (bulk/weight) has been lowered to be more realistic.
 - Ranger herb satchel's capacity has been increased.
 - A number of new herbs were added to areas beside Lothlorien.
And in case you missed them, here's a summary of other recent forage
 - Forage cost is now always 2 EP
 - Failing to find a specific forage item (such as a herb) will not 
   block further attempts to forage like it used to be.
P.S. With the change some of the other generic forage items that 
     were accidentally removed have been brought back.

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