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Note  58  Vingilote    (01/28/18 12:17)  Second Annual The Event(tm) Meal

*Ding!* *Ding!*
Calling all chefs extraordinaire!
    A dispute has arisen among the Valar regarding which of the 
peoples of Middle-Earth have best mastered the culinary arts.  Aule 
boasted that, in creating the Dwarves, he not only made them master 
stone-smiths, but master food-smiths as well.  Lorien smugly answered 
that only the Elves, connoisseurs of all things, can rightly be said 
to have conquered the kitchen.  Vana favored the race of Men, while 
Nienna championed Women, of whatever race.  Mandos has remained 
silent on the matter.
    The Valar have tasked the Vingilote with retrieving culinary 
delights fit to represent their race's expertise to the immortals 
of Valinor.  Mortals of every race are called upon to help the 
Vingilote complete its mission by providing the finest three-course 
meal they have to offer.
    Each course must contain a food and a beverage, and while the 
drink may be repeated, the food must be different for each course.  
Write a short and long description for each item, as well as emotes 
for how the food is eaten and how someone would appear to others when 
eating the food.  In addition, include NPC dialog to help tie your 
three separate courses together to create a unique culinary story.  
A brief guide is shown below.  Submissions may be thematic or Event 
("fun") themed, within reason.*
*help disclaimer
1st: 10k gold and the player's meal will be added to The Event(tm)
2nd: 5k gold
3rd: 1k gold
Submissions are due by February 18th at 23:59 mudtime and must be 
mudmailed using the format below from the character you choose 
to make the submission on. Submissions will be reviewed, and the 
winners will be announced at The Event(tm).
Meal Name: Bob's Happy Meal
NPC Dialog: 
"Ah, what an excellent choice! Bob's Happy Meal will make you very
happy indeed! This three course meal strikes an excellent balance 
between salty and savory, with a touch of sweet at the end."
"First, we'll start you off with a small bag of french fries and a 
soda cup with a straw."
-- This introduces the meal and the first course.
First course:
Short desc: a small bag of french fries
Long desc:
   Crispy golden potato sticks fried to perfection and lightly 
sprinkled with salt fill this small white paper bag. 
Emote you see: You munch on the fries until the bag is empty.
Emote others see: Person daintily plucks a single fry at a 
time from the bag until he has devoured them all!
Short desc: a soda cup with straw
Long desc:
   Thirst-quenching dark colored fizzy soda in a white cup, 
complete with lid and straw. 
Emote you see: You take a sip through the straw and discover 
that the cup was basically only filled with one gulp.
Emote others see: Person sucks all of the fizzy liquid through 
the straw in one large gulp.
NPC Dialog:
"I hope you enjoyed the saltiness of the first course. The second 
course features a savory venison burger sure to delight. The venison 
was locally raised, and all the trimmings locally grown!"
-- This concludes the first course and introduces the second course. 
-- Courses two and three should follow the same format as above, with 
a food item (short, long, and both emotes) and a drink item (short, 
long, and both emotes), with NPC Dialog between the courses and at the 
end of the meal experience.
If you have any questions, contact the Vingilote for more information.

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