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Note  60  Gimilkhad    (02/20/18 19:44)  The 20th Annual T2T Event!

Once again, the Event is coming soon - for the 20th time, (approximately)
at 00:00 mudtime on the 15th of March, 2018!
So hear the call!  Leave that innroom with its stale brew behind! 
Forsake that bar, neglect that armoury, and leave that orc to die another
day.  Today is a day to gather round for frolicking and festivities such
as will never be seen again this year!  Awaken comrades old and new to
come see the dazzling sights at the Event!
At every signpost across Arda, you will find a strange-looking wagon
already packed with revellers who are ready to join you on your march
to the Event.  Once you arrive, you will be unable to use your blade
in an unseemly display of martial prowess - after all, the Event is
about fun, not bloody spray.
The Event will run for 5 full days, starting on Thursday and ending on 
Monday night, so party to your heart's content!

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