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Note  50  Vingilote    (03/14/18 22:29)  Meal Contest Winner

Congratulations Chairman, winner of the Second Annual Meal Contest!
    Chairman's Invincible Trio won by a landslide according to the 
tastebuds of the mighty Valar, and not just because it was the only 
entry! Be sure to check out Chairman's meal at The Event(tm) by 
visiting the Hitching Post restaurant.  
    In addition to having his meal added to The Event(tm), Chairman 
will also receive the entire gold prize (1st-3rd place gold prizes) 
of 16,000 gold for his efforts to please the curiosity of the Valar. 
    Thanks to everyone who participated (i.e., Chairman), and enjoy 
his meal and the meals of previous winners at The Event(tm)!

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