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Note  52  Vingilote    (06/01/18 13:54)  Ads/Social Media Discussion

As most of you are aware, hosting for t2tmud costs approximately 
$50 per month, and we have surpassed covering those monthly costs 
with our Patreon account.  At the moment, excess funds are being 
directed toward providing a cushion for future hosting costs and 
maintenance; however, it is important that we start an active 
discussion on how to use funds beyond those necessary to keep 
t2tmud running.  
Specifically, we are looking at how to use funds with regard to 
marketing and advertising t2tmud, revamping our social media 
accounts, and thinking of other areas of improvement to address 
to acquire new players to enhance our playerbase.
Please take a moment to vote and comment on the Advertising and 
Social Media Discussion survey that was posted today (survey 
list).  We thank you in advance for your input and ideas. 

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