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Note  58  Vildoran     (03/04/19 09:32)  The 21st Annual T2T Event!

It's that time of year - the Event will be coming on March 15th for the
21st year in a row!  All around Arda you'll be able to hop aboard a wagon
with the other revellers and make your way to the fairground.
Perhaps you'll start with a game of Dunk the Ainu?  Maybe pickup a voodoo
doll or two?  Or maybe you just want to gamble away your savings in the
Arena.  There's no shortage of events, games, and prizes, so come join
the party!
This year we have a few special announcements.  First off, we've decided
to reset namechange and racechange histories.  This will allow you to
change your name and race again if you so desire and is a one-time reset.
Secondly, we have a beta version of the upcoming battleground available
during the Event.  We're testing out a lot of new features and equipment
and this will be your chance to get a bit of a preview while we work out
the bugs.  No outside equipment is allowed, and there is no actual death
during the battle.
The Event will run for five days, starting Friday, March 15th at 00:00
mudtime and ending on Tuesday, March 19th.  We look forward to seeing
you there!

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