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Note  60  Vildoran     (10/04/19 18:37)  The Battle Under the Trees has

The time has finally come... Sauron's forces in Mirkwood are descending
upon Thranduil's Kingdom.  Will the forces of Good stand strong, or will
the scourge within Mirkwood finally take full control of the forest?
The Battleground is Live!  Mostly.  Kind of.  There may be a few bugs,
okay?  But we're almost positive you won't die.  And a (temporary) gold
reward, to boot... Welcome to T2T 2019.
We've been working on the Battleground for about a year and a half now.
It's been a big and complex enough project that it's gotten to a point
where we need a significant amount of testing in order to reach a
product.  With the lower playerbase these days, we've decided that the
best way to move forward is to have a 'Soft Launch' or 'Open Beta' or
whatever you want to call it.
There are going to be bugs, but I'm serious when I say we're pretty
confident that you won't die.  And that's the point of this - PVP as it
was years ago has died.  In this new era, we've tried to think about how
to make an engaging and fresh feature that isn't bound by the PK rules
and balance restrictions that make T2T what it is currently.  To that
participation in this battle will not have any consequences on your
character.  Gear is not allowed in or out, which allows us to experiment
with some novel ideas.  If something sucks (or is great), we want to hear
from you.
Keep an eye out at dawn at Radagast and the obelisk within Dol Guldur.
If something seems out of place, wrong, buggy, etc., please file reports
so that we can help improve the experience.  I look forward to watching
the chaos!

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