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Note  58  Vildoran     (05/16/20 19:09)  Instability update

Hi Arda,
We wanted to give a quick update to the recent instability. We've been
hard at work chasing (and fixing) multiple issues related to the
recent upgrade, but unfortunately we haven't yet tracked down the
cause of a major memory leak. This issue actually isn't the cause of
the recent crashes - we have more than enough memory to operate for
a full reboot. However, over time we're reaching memory usage levels
that the MUD has never seen before. That has triggered bugs that
have nothing to do with this, and we're still not quite sure what
the underlying issues are in that regard.
For now, the two recent crashes have occured at almost exactly the
same memory usage. In the short term, we're going to have shorter reboots
that happen when we approach this limit. You can expect this to happen
during approximately the same window (2-3d uptime) until we can find
a resolution.
We're getting closer to nailing this down, so hopefully we'll have a
fix soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we
figure this out.

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