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Note  50  Arwen        (07/28/20 00:40)  Multiplaying Rules

Dear all
While we have not emphasised the rule against discussing 
ainur alts, a recent spate of players who deem it fit to 
flout the rule in "help multiplaying" has made it necessary 
for us to re-emphasise this rule.
For the avoidance of doubt, the rule is reproduced as follows:
  Discussion of the alts, /real or imagined/, of Ainur, by 
  anyone, especially the Ainur themselves, is strictly 
  forbidden.  This includes asking about Ainur alts, talking 
  to an Ainu as if they were the alt of a mortal character, 
  etc. The entire topic of Ainur alts is one that is simply 
  best left alone. Ignore this advice at your own risk.
This rule is in place for a number of reasons, including the fact
that Valinor comprises of volunteers who spend a good amount of
time building and managing the MUD with no harm intention towards
any players and/or groups. If there is a grievance in relation 
to the conduct of any of the ainur, raise it via the law report 
system, and the administration will investigate and deal with 
each report as appropriate.
Consider yourself put on notice that we will respond to 
further breaches of this rule strictly. Such breaches will include 
what some players think constitutes clever innuendo. Just don't.

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