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Note  52  Luthien      (10/30/20 00:44)  Harvest Festival

What is that sweet, sweet smell in the air?
It's unmistakable - CINNAMON!
As you follow your nose towards Edoras, the smell intensifies, becoming
more complex and nuanced.  You distinctly recognize roasting apples,
pumpkin spice, and hot cider.  Now you are definitely intrigued!
You spot a wagon that seems to be the epicenter of the divine scent,
and prepare to hop in.  Just as you do, a vision of a headless horseman
flashes before your eyes, scaring you half to death!  That is, until
you realize that it is dressed up as Elrond, and voluntarily riding
into a creepy crypt.  Whew!
Perhaps you will gather your courage to get into the wagon after all?..
This is going to be a very special LONG boot, that will end at 4pm
mudtime on Friday, October 30th.  After reboot, the Harvest Festival
will begin, and last for the full month of November!
UPDATE: We had a sudden and unexpected crash on Thursday evening, so
unfortunately we did not get to have the nice long boot we wanted.
The reboot we previously announced (above) is still scheduled.

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