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Note  59  Osse         (08/06/21 19:22)  E-mail Newsletter List

The Two Towers is now building a newsletter e-mail list!
Browse to this address to sign up: http://t2tmud.org/newsletter
In the days ahead we will begin sending out periodic newsletters
(no set schedule yet) which will contain all the best T2T news:
summaries of recent releases and news items, updates about development
projects, interesting tidbits from around the MUD, announcements of 
upcoming events, exclusive access to fun contests, and more.
The goal of this newsletter project is to establish an ongoing way of 
reaching current and past players and fans of T2T, regardless of whether
they are actively playing the MUD.
This e-mail list will be maintained through Mailchimp and will follow
all laws and regulations related to privacy, subscribing/unsubscribing 
and responsible use of your e-mail address.  We will never sell or 
otherwise misuse your information, and you can unsubscribe at any time.
So click on over to the link above, get signed up, and never miss out
on any T2T news again!

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