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Note  54  Vildoran     (09/02/21 10:42)  The Mirkwood Battleground

Hey Arda,
The time has come - the Battleground is finally ready for launch!
At approximately 8PM mudtime on 9/3, players will be able to sign
up to participate at Rhosgobel or at the obelisk in Dol Guldur.
In the future, the battle will happen between 1-2d uptime, chosen
randomly at the beginning of the reboot.  The chosen time will be
visible at either of these rooms so that players can plan on
showing up.
The Mirkwood Battleground is a thematic reenactment of Dol Guldur's
push towards Thranduil's kingdom.  Equipment is not allowed into
the zone and is provided inside.  Players cannot actually die,
presenting a unique opportunity to participate in player-vs-player
The winning faction (FRs or ERs/Servants) will receive two buffs:
  1. A movement speed bonus that persists for the remainder of
      the reboot.
  2. A regeneration bonus that increases passive regeneration.
These effects will apply at login to anyone on the winning side.
For more information, see the following help files:
  battleground, battleground_objectives, battleground_gear,
Or just poke Vildoran or the (many) playtesters that have helped
bring this project to fruition!
Thank you to everyone that has made this possible.  We look forward
to seeing you inside!

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