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Note  56  Osse         (09/03/21 21:00)  The Battle Has Been Won!

The first round of the Battle Under the Trees on the Mirkwood
Battleground took place this evening, and what a conflict it was!  Seven
Free Race and six Evil Race/Servant players took part, and after heavy
fighting, the FREE RACE side was victorious!  All free race players will
receive a buff to their movement speed and HP/EP regeneration for the
rest of this uptime as a reward!
Congratulations to the FR players who were victorious: Ceros, Fingondor,
Lizbeth, Ithildras, Jumper, Lunasik, and Sprotticus.  And a big thank you
to the ER/Servant players who fought so valiantly for their cause: Demak,
Agnash, Ryuk, Nyssa, Rryznog, and Stykz.
If you missed this inaugural battle, fear not - the next one will take
place between 1 day and 2 days into the next reboot, and you'll have the
chance to test your mettle and wits agaist the foes who await you.
Kudos to everyone who took part tonight and a huge THANK YOU to Vildoran
for creating this exciting new addition to T2T, and to the other ainur
and playtesters who helped bring it to completion! 

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