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Note  52  Osse         (11/15/21 10:53)  Crypt Tournament Nov. 26

(Those of you who received the November T2T Newsletter already know
this. Sign up to receive the newsletter here and don't miss out on any
more announcements! http://t2tmud.org/newsletter.php)
As part of the wrap-up for the Harvest Festival, we'll be hosting the
first ever (and perhaps first annual) Crypt Tournament! Join us on Friday
November 26th for a day full of Crypt shenanigans. Players can join
Vildoran that afternoon (~12-1PM US Eastern time) for a free-for-all
intro to the Crypt or practice for experienced players. At about 7PM
mudtime we'll be starting the tournament.
The rules are as follows:
Round 1: A free-for-all best of three to find the top 7 players. Round 2:
A best-of-five series between the 7 players.
The top three finishers will receive special prizes, including new
autoloads and a special prize for the winner that will provide a unique
bonus for that player.
Join us for a day of PVP and fun! We hope to see you there!

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