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Note  53  Vildoran     (11/22/21 20:14)  Update to the 11/26 Crypt

Hey Arda,
We have received a lot of input about the upcoming Crypt tournament, and
it sounds like it isn't going to work well for quite a few people.
Instead of plowing ahead and excluding a lot of folks from participating,
we've decided to change it up.  Here's the new plan:
  1. We're going to hold the tournament from 3-9PM mudtime on 11/26.
  2. People are encouraged to come as they can during this timeframe
        and compete.
  3. We will be giving out rewards to the winner of each game.  In
        addition, the top 3 performers will be given special, unique
        prizes.  These
        prizes will go to the player(s) that:
        A) Win the most games.
        B) Do the most combined damage in a match.
        C) Best play or individual performance.
We apologize for the last minute changes to the details, but we hope that
this will make it more fun for everyone involved.  Please join us for an
evening of PVP fun!

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