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Note  54  Vildoran     (11/30/21 16:20)  Thanks for the fun!

Hey Arda,
The Harvest Festival has come to a close!  Thanks to all of the
players that took the time to come check it out and participate in
the festivities.  We all had a ton of fun this year and it's been
great watching the festival expand each year.
Now, for the results of the Crypt Tournament!  After an exciting
11 games over the course of 6 hours, Bourako claimed the title of
Crypt Master for this year!  The final tally ended up as follows:
  Bourako: 3 wins, 22 kills
  Alkath: 3 wins, 16 kills
  Egypt:  2 wins, 9 kills (13 if you count balrog/troll kills)
  Voron: 1 win, 2 kills
  Naaman: 1 win, 2 kills
  Baern: 1 win, 1 kill
Lungorog the balrog and the Butcher clocked in at 3 kills a piece.
I had a blast spectating and streaming the touranement and a big
thank you to everyone that participated in the tournaments and on
The Crypt has been a great way for us to have some care-free PVP,
and a great mechanism for us to test several of the new systems
and equipment that we've been working on.  Based on feedback (and
no small amount of my personal enjoyment), we've decided to bring
the Crypt back in the new year, in a slightly different format.
Now that the festival is over, I've begun work on transferring the
Crypt to a testmud where we have some of the potential changes
to combat and equipment that we've spoken about in the past.  Once
this is ready (early in the new year) I'll be hosting/streaming
regular Crypt games on the weekends and evenings.  This should be
a great way for us to playtest some new content, while also having
some fun.  Stay tuned for more details!
Thanks again to everyone that came out, even if only to watch!  I'm
looking forward to more of it in the future.

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