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Note  58  Osse         (01/29/24 10:49)  Comm Policy Update

As we enter what is sure to be a very difficult election year in the
United States, we ask our players to please pay careful attention to our
comm policy which asks that all refrain from potentially contentious
political and religious debate on public comms and boards.
Our playerbase is made up of folks from all around the world of widely
differing social backgrounds and viewpoints, and our goal is to maintain
a safe, peaceful environment for everyone.
The purpose of T2T is to provide an escape and refuge from the vagaries
and negativity of the Real World, so we ask all of you to please not drag
those things here. If you must discuss such things, do so via tells, via
says in a room with willing participants, or via non-public comm channels
such as guildcomms (with your GM's blessing). We realize that the help
files, as written, say that "intelligent debates" are allowed... but in
these trying times, we ask that even this be avoided on our public
We the admin will be vigorously working to enforce these goals in the
days ahead. So let's leave RL politics in RL and instead focus on the
positive, such as ways to celebrate T2T's 30th anniverary this year.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Osse, on behalf of the Admin 

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