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Note  60  Vingilote    (03/15/24 21:07)  Guild Visuals Community Feedback

We hope you're having a fantastic time enjoying The Event! 
As a spontaneous community activity, the Overlord of Guilds is interested
in gathering player feedback on how each guild can be best visually
characterized. Specifically, we're interested in identifying the colors,
font, and iconography that people associate with each guild's character
and theme.
While we won't promise that this information will be used for anything
other than to satisfy our own curiosity, please be aware that it may be
utilized if we decide to create visuals related to guilds in Arda. This
is your moment to personally contribute to this topic. 
Please take a moment to carefully read and fill out the questions. Rest
assured, all submissions are anonymous, and we will not require anyone to
disclose their character or typist information in this survey.
Should you have any questions about filling out this survey, please
contact Vingilote.
If you have any complaints, Vingilote will kindly turn you into a frog. 
This survey will close on March 31st, at the end of the month.

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