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Features once limited only to players with custom client software are available to all players in-game on The Two Towers.


An alias is a shorter word which you assign to mean a longer command or string of commands. For example, after you kill an enemy you will often want to gather any gold from the corpse. You can alias the command "get all gold from corpse" to simply "gg". From then on every time you want to get all the gold from a corpse you need only type "gg" and it will expand the alias into the full command indicated.


A trigger is a text string that you wish to react to by typing a certain response. You can set one trigger at a time, altho you can change your trigger, or even turn it off, as often as you like. For example, if your ally falls to the ground and is bleeding to death, you want to bandage them. You only have a limited amount of time to bandage them before they bleed to death and die, so a trigger can be useful. For example:
trigger Friend is bleeding todo bandage friend


The speedwalking feature on The Two Towers allows you to perform multiple actions in a single command, whether repeated attempts at the same action or a string of actions. By putting a number in front a command you will perform that command the number of times indicated, for example "10west" will move you west 10 times. By using the do command you can specify a list of commands to be executed in-order.

All of these features work together on The Two Towers. You can use aliases and speedwalking commands in triggers, use aliases during speedwalking commands, and more.
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